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Over 70 million line items of in-stock inventory, and an international network of thousands of independent and franchised distributors and brokers

Sept Electronics Limited

Sept Electronics Limited is a famous international One Stop Purchasing Service Provider of Electronic Components. Based on the concept of Customer-orientation and Innovation, a good process control system, professional management team, advanced inventory management technology, we can provide one-stop electronic component supporting services that Sept Electronics is the preferred partner for all the enterprises and research institutions.

  • Dramatically reduce produce cost.
  • Over 70 million line items of in-stock inventory.
  • Availability of Products、On time Delivery、Overall Performance.

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Our complete range of brands from our Authorised line cards in Passive, Active, Electro-Mechanical components, provides a wide variety of solutions at the best market price.

  • Customer Focused
  • Fast delivery
  • Original products
  • 365 days warranty

Value -added services

Sept Electronics Limited has a huge sales network in 10 countries around the world, with a modern and professional global service system and specialist support. We welcome excellent manufacturers from all over the world to settle in.

  • Customer Focused
  • Fast delivery
  • Original products
  • 365 days warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Sept Electronics Limited ,INDEPENDENT ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS DISTRIBUTOR,Over 70 million line items of in-stock inventory, and thousands of distributors,For General Questions and Correspondence please call or email us.

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Yes, we will ship internationally as long as the items can be exported within the laws of the Hongkong. Import/Export Compliance.

All items sold by Sept Electronics Limited carry a 30 day Form, Fit, and Function Guarantee. We also guarantee the parts will meet all of the manufacturer's specifications. If the parts you receive do not meet the Form, Fit, and Function Specification of the manufacturer, we will replace the parts or refund your money. If you have any failures or problems with the items sold by Sept Electronics Limited during production, installation, or testing please fill out an RMA Request Form and Call it to +86-18823767650 within 30 days of receipt of the parts.

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NO, Sept Electronics Limited is an Independent Distributor we are not Franchised. As an Independent Distributor,Sept Electronics Limited. is not affiliated with the manufacturers of the products it sells except as expressly noted otherwise. Any all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers' names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.

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